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The Adverts. One chord wonders.

noviembre 13, 2009

Video en directo. Canción.

Nombre: One chord wonders.

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I wonder what we´ll play for you tonight, something heavy or something light, something to set your soul alight. I wonder how we´ll answer when you say, “we don´t like you go away, come back when you´ve learnt to play”. I wonder what we´ll do when things go wrong, when we´re half-way through, our favourite song.

We look up and the audience has gone, will we feel a little bit obscure, think “we´re not needed here,”we must be new wave – they´ll like us next year”. The Wonders don´t care, we don´t give a damn.

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Músicos: T.V. Smith, Gaye Advert, Howard Pickup y Laurie Driver (The Adverts).

Procedencia: Londres, Inglaterra.

Escrita por: T.V. Smith (The Adverts).

Producida por: John Leckie.

Biografía (Aloha Pop Rock).

Biografía (Wikipedia).

Disco: Crossing the Red sea with The Adverts.

Año: 1978 (Bright).

Género: Punk Rock.

Crítica (Wikipedia).