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Cure. Fire in Cairo.

septiembre 24, 2009

Video de versión en directo. Canción.

Nombre: Fire in Cairo.

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Slowly fading blue, the eastern hollows catch, the dying sun, night time follows, silent and black, mirror pool mirrors, the lonely place, where I meet you.

See your head, in the fading light, and through the dark, your eyes shine bright, and burn like fire, burn like fire in Cairo, burn like fire, burn like fire in Cairo.

Shifting crimson veil, silken hips slide, under my hand, swollen lips whisper my name, and I yearn, you take me in your arms, and start to burn.

F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O, then the heat disappears, and the mirage, fades away…

F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O, burn like a fire in Cairo, burn like a fire, blaze like a fire in Cairo, blaze like a fire, flare with a wonderful light, like a fire in Cairo, burn like fire, burn like, fire in Cairo.

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Músicos: The Cure.

Procedencia: Sussex, Inglaterra.

Escrita por: The Cure.

Producida por: Chris Parry.

Biografía (Aloha Pop Rock).

Biografía (Wikipedia).

Disco: Three imaginary boys.

Año: 1979 (Fiction / Elektra).

Género: Post Punk.

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