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Deerhunter. Agoraphobia.

octubre 6, 2009

Video en directo. Canción.

Nombre: Agoraphobia.

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Come for me, you come for me, come for me, comfortably, you cover me, cover me, comfortably, comfortably.

I had a drink, no longer to be free, I want only to see, four walls made of concrete, six by six enclosed, see me on video, oh oh oh. Feed me twice a day, I want to fade away, away, come for me, cover me, come for me, come for me, you cover me, cover me, comfortably, comfort me.

And after some time, I know i would go blind, but seeing only binds, the vision to the eye. I lose my voice I know, but I have nothing left to say, it is, (nothing left to pray), no echo in this space.

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Músicos: Bradford Cox, Moses Archuleta, Josh Fauver y Lockett Pundt (Deerhunter).

Procedencia: Atlanta (Georgia), Estados Unidos.

Escrita por: Lockett Pundt (Deerhunter).

Producida por: Deerhunter y Nicholas Vernhes (Animal Collective).

Biografía (Aloha Pop Rock).

Biografía (Inglés) (Wikipedia).

Disco: Microcastle.

Año: 2008 (Kranky / 4AD).

Género: Shoegazing.

Crítica (Aloha Pop Rock).

Crítica (Wikipedia).