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The Last Shadow Puppets. The chamber.

octubre 20, 2009

Video en directo. Canción en video.

Nombre: The chamber.

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Leave yourself alone, leave yourself alone (Leave yourself alone), can’t you see, you’re only here, to be torn apart, based upon, and nothing else. So leave yourself alone, leave yourself alone, tell your wasted time, tell your wasted time, tell your wasted time, that I am worse.

And I would wish they’d all, give him a chance, I owe apologies, so tell your wasted time, tell your wasted time. It’s torture, locked inside the chamber. Cornered by yourself, cornered by yourself (Cornered by yourself), you must admit, that you are the instigator, hanging on to arguments.

And your cornered, by yourself, cornered by yourself. It’s torture, locked inside the chamber, lost inside the chamber, locked inside the chamber. About right I think.

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Músicos: Alex Turner, Miles Kane, James Ford, Owen Pallett (conductor) y London Metropolitan Orchestra (The Last Shadow Puppets).

Procedencia: Sheffield, Inglaterra.

Escrita por: Alex Turner y Miles Kane (ambos The Last Shadow Puppets).

Producida por: James Ford (Simian).

Biografía (Aloha Pop Rock).

Biografía (Wikipedia).

Disco: The age of understatement.

Año: 2008 (Domino)

Género: Rock Alternativo.

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