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The Flaming Lips. Feeling yourself disintegrate.

octubre 13, 2009

Video en directo (Extendido con otra canción). Canción.

Nombre: Feeling yourself disintegrate.

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Love in our life is just too valuable, oh, to feel for even a second without it.

But life without death is just impossible, oh, to realize something is ending within us, feeling yourself disintegrate.

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Músicos: Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd y Michael Ivins (The Flaming Lips).

Procedencia: Oklahoma, Estados Unidos.

Escrita por: The Flaming Lips.

Producida por: The Flaming Lips, Dave Fridmann y Scott Booker.

Biografía (Inglés) (Wikipedia).

Disco: The Soft Bulletin.

Año: 1999 (Warner Bros.).

Género: Rock Psicodélico.

Crítica (Wikipedia).


My Morning Jacket. I think I’m going to hell.

octubre 5, 2009

Video en directo.

Nombre: I think I’m going to hell.

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Down in the city, the flames gathered round. Churches and buildings in ashes on the ground, they think they’re going to hell.

Out in the hollow, it drown out the crowd, and I think my other would kill me, if she knew what I was about. I think I’m going to hell…

Devils and demons are coming, lovers and children beware, devils and demons are coming… to take me to hell. To take me to hell. To take me to hell.

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Músicos: Jim James, “Two-Tone” Tommy, Patrick Hallahan, Bo Koster y Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket).

Procedencia: Louisville (Kentucky), Estados Unidos.

Escrita por: Jim James (My Morning Jacket).

Producida My Morning Jacket.

Biografía (Wikipedia).

Disco: The Tennessee Fire.

Año: 1999 (Darla Records).

Género: Country Rock.

Crítica (Wikipedia).